“You sound posh. Did you go to Oxford?” “No, it was Cambridge actually!”


I come from what was then quite an ordinary family background, living in a council house, in a new town near London. And yes, a long while ago, I did study at Cambridge University.


Until that phone enquiry, no one had ever called me posh before! Although, having said that, some years back, in a local pub a number of strangers came up to me over a few months saying, “You sound just like Rick Stein”. Finally, another wit piped up, “ but you look like Keith Floyd, and he is unfortunately no longer with us!” My partner, Lynda thinks as a side-line, I could earn good money doing voice overs in TV adverts for fish meals!!


I regularly entertain at a very wide range of functions, from large weddings and corporate  events in grand buildings to smaller events in a local golf club, pub or someone’s house. I also love working the crowds at music and arts’ festivals. I enjoy meeting with, and entertaining, people from across all walks of life.


With an average function size of 100+, the 80 independent 5 star reviews on sites such as Freeindex, Bark, and AddtoEvent represent over 8000 excellent likes on a site such as Facebook. You can access many reviews on my website, or directly on Freeindex via the link in the middle of my homepage. And yes, I do have a FB site, Mike Driver close up magician, although I am not a great user of social media.