Other Celebrations

Family Celebrations

There are many family celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, house warming, christenings, and more, where adult magic is highly entertaining and very sociable. Mike’s act consists of classy, modern effects using an array of props including money, finger rings, rope, balls, cards and fire (safely of course)! The effects from such close up magic are high impact, and extremely visual. Including an adult magician into your family celebration is a great way to get people talking and mixing with one another.

For adult audiences Mike performs his close up act during drinks receptions and around individual tables in-between courses. He certainly puts an entertaining spin on any occasion.

Flexible Entertainment

  • During a drinks reception Mike entertains guests by moving around, interacting and performing without a table.
  • Older children, 7 years and up, enjoy Mike’s regular close up act. This does not involve any risqué content and is great entertainment for all ages!
  • If younger children (4 yrs-6yrs) are present then special, suitable, effects can be built in if requested.
  • In addition to his close up act Mike also offers a 20 minute stand-up floorshow for adult audiences.

Please get in touch with us on 01729 823032/07753102773 or send us an email providing the full details of your event. We will discuss the different performance options, giving you a specific quote tailored to the needs of your occasion.

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