New Years Day at The Spread Eagle, Stokesley

Another question I get asked, by proprietors of businesses is, “Would you entertain the clients in our restaurant, hotel or pub?”

The answer is, “Yes”!

Close up magic can provide very classy, and sociable, entertainment for special occasions throughout the year. Guests may be waiting to eat, or chatting and drinking in a bar area. If you look at my reviews you will see that I am complimented for my skills in dealing with people. I am not pushy, or intrusive. I engage the interest of my audience with fast-paced, highly visual effects.

I used to perform close up magic for three hours once a month on a Friday, or Saturday, evening at a local restaurant & wine bar in Stokesley. I have performed at various hotel functions including a Valentines Night, a summer bar-b-q at a five star hotel and a hotel re-launch night.

How did you spend your New Year’s Day?

I spent mine entertaining in one of the local pubs in Stokesley. I had a great time, and the landlord tells me the clients and guests did too! The Spread Eagle is a good local pub on the High Street. It is popular for a number of reasons: The beer, the food and, very importantly, a good mixed clientele. It also has an excellent beer garden.

The pub was previously run, and run well, by Elaine and Jean. Recently, Peter and Shirley have taken over the reins, and made a very good start! Naturally they have their own ideas, and they interesting new plans for the development of the pub.

This was their first Christmas season at The Spread Eagle. They had been told by one of the locals that I did some pretty cool close up magic. “Well, impress me then”, said Peter! I did one effect. “Can you do another?” they said. After that came, “And maybe one more?” I was then booked to entertain their clients and guests for two hours on New Years Day. Would you like me to entertain your clients and guests and help promote your business? Please get in touch to talk over options with me. Use the Contact button on my website.