“You sound posh. Did you go to Oxford?” “No, it was Cambridge actually!”

  I come from what was then quite an ordinary family background, living in a council house, in a new town near London. And yes, a long while ago, I did study at Cambridge University. […]

Hogmanay at Brodies , combining business with pleasure!

Who would complain at combining business with pleasure?! Moffat is a beautiful small town, just over the border into Scotland. I only discovered it a few years back when booked by a Yorkshire nurse to […]

..”A huge hit……converting sceptical bystanders to an avid audience”

The 21st party was a few years back. The weather was foul, with a continuous, torrential downpour; many guests travelling a distance had been seriously delayed. I suggested  that I do an extra stint FOC, […]

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit: Tales of a magician

Close up illusions, right up close! “And that’s with your sleeves rolled up!” Some years back a famous magician was rather put out. He was a close-up magic performer and specialist. The acquaintance said to […]

What is the longest time for which you have been booked to perform close up magic?

The answer is I had a 6-hour booking a few years back!! During this time I had two short 10-minute breaks, but I actually performed strolling close up magic for 5 hours and 40 minutes. […]

How long have you been performing magic, and how did you learn?

I was hooked from the age of 7yrs when my aunt performed the Cups and Balls with plastic stocking containers and sweets from the market. I learned card tricks from friends and family, bought tricks […]