Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit: Tales of a magician

Close up illusions, right up close! “And that’s with your sleeves rolled up!” Some years back a famous magician was rather put out. He was a close-up magic performer and specialist. The acquaintance said to […]

New Years Day at The Spread Eagle, Stokesley

Another question I get asked, by proprietors of businesses is, “Would you entertain the clients in our restaurant, hotel or pub?” The answer is, “Yes”! Close up magic can provide very classy, and sociable, entertainment […]

What is the longest time for which you have been booked to perform close up magic?

The answer is I had a 6-hour booking a few years back!! During this time I had two short 10-minute breaks, but I actually performed strolling close up magic for 5 hours and 40 minutes. […]

How long have you been performing magic, and how did you learn?

I was hooked from the age of 7yrs when my aunt performed the Cups and Balls with plastic stocking containers and sweets from the market. I learned card tricks from friends and family, bought tricks […]