..”A huge hit……converting sceptical bystanders to an avid audience”

The 21st party was a few years back. The weather was foul, with a continuous, torrential downpour; many guests travelling a distance had been seriously delayed. I suggested  that I do an extra stint FOC, at the bar area, while we waited for everyone else to arrive.

Some hefty looking bikers were there who said, “We don’t believe in magic!”  I responded, “Neither do I!”

The whole point of magic is not that it is real,  but, rather that magic  provides excellent entertainment. I proved my point by captivating them with a sample from my act. Apparently they followed me around the room all evening!!

Virtually everybody is amazed,, and throughly entertained, by modern close up magic. The physicist, Steven Hawking enjoyed magic, and  YouTube videos show this.

Here is a quote from the organiser of RIBFEST, an award winning music & arts festival, a few years back (my emphasis):

“Mike recently performed at RIBFEST – our annual music and arts festival in Ribchester, Lancashire. At our busiest event Mike toured the crowd performing amazing close up magic. He was a huge hit. Everyone really enjoyed his act and they way he interacted with them… converting sceptical bystanders to an avid audience. We were delighted to see the our audience entertained in an unexpected way. We would definitely work with Mike again/ recommend him in the future”.

The point of this is simple. Close up magic is excellent entertainment for virtually all events. No, big surprise, magic is not real!! However, the entertainment provided is magical, engrossing, sociable and fun.What more could you wish for at your wedding reception, family party or corporate event?

You will find many, many reviews from wedding receptions, parties, banquets and more on this website. Do get in touch with me to have a chat about how close up magic could work for you, at your function! Witnessing close up magic was once the preserve of the wealthy elite, including royalty. It is now open to everyone!

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