How long have you been performing magic, and how did you learn?

I was hooked from the age of 7yrs when my aunt performed the Cups and Balls with plastic stocking containers and sweets from the market. I learned card tricks from friends and family, bought tricks from the local newsagent, and devoured a David Nixon magic set. This was the start of my journey to join the ranks of magicians! Best of all, I found excellent books on learning magic in the library. I still have my own notebooks. I would copy and illustrate the best effects from the library books I borrowed.

In Junior 3, I started a magic club at lunchtime in the local primary school. My parents saw the passion I had! We lived near London and my father took me in each year, to spend birthday and Christmas money. The first visit was to Ellisdons Joke Shop and Gamages Dept. Store, in Holborn. Both were very famous in their day and had magic departments. Gamages was particularly good. We quickly progressed to the specialist magic places, including the world’s oldest family run magic shop.

I bought and studied classic books on professional close up magic and practised effects with cards, coins, balls and other objects. At the age of 12, I was performing a number of classic professional close up effects for friends and family.

I have developed my act over many years of performing, firstly as an amateur. I was semi-professional for 12 years, before going professional in 2014. I keep up to date and have a wide repertoire of classy, contemporary effects.