Hogmanay at Brodies , combining business with pleasure!

Who would complain at combining business with pleasure?!

Moffat is a beautiful small town, just over the border into Scotland. I only discovered it a few years back when booked by a Yorkshire nurse to entertain at her wedding reception at the nearby Auchen Castle. Some Yorkshire friends have also moved to the area.

On that first visit my partner and I dined a few times at the excellent Brodies restaurant and gin bar, and I entertained my friends with a couple of magic effects, as I know they enjoy watching them! This led to me getting booked to entertain at Hogmanay in Brodies this last New Year’s Eve. This was a big success and there is a distinct possibility of them having more ‘magic evenings,’ combining fine dining with top rated magical entertainment.

Of course I normally work in an area near to where I live (Lancashire), but I also work in regions where I have family (Teesside and Newcastle). I can then have a mini-break, seeing children and grandchildren, as well as enjoying working in different places. I have now added mini-break holidays to my working areas! The booking in the Moffat area was the first in recent times. The very first occasion was about 15 years ago. I was working in Ethiopia, in the education field, so this was not quite the same! I entertained staff at a large hospital outside of Addis Abbaba, in my free time.