Trade Show Magician

Communicating Your Message

Mike Driver is a 5 star rated professional magician.  Mike will liaise with your specialist staff to design a tailor made Trade Show performance relating to your company’s products and services. The intention will be to:

  • Attract people to your stand
  • Keep potential customers attention
  • Drive interest in your product(s) or services
  • Make potential customers keen to find out more from one of your specialist staff.

Mike is a former local authority education adviser for science. He was a regular contributor to National Education Conferences and ran very successful workshops for teachers from the UK and abroad. Mike knows how to communicate key messages effectively!

Effective Trade Show Magic

Attracting and holding an audience at a Trade Show is rather like performing ‘strolling magic’ for a wide range of people that one meets at a Music Festival, for example. It is essential to engage people’s attention quickly, and to keep their interest with a well-designed ‘presentation’. The skills required are also rather similar to those of a skillful teacher.

Mike has a wide repertoire of effects using a whole range of resources. He also has a thorough command of key magical principles and techniques, which can be applied to new situations and resources. Using the vehicle of magical entertainment, combined with the principles of excellent teaching and training, Mike will generate extra interest and enquiries at your stand for your specialist staff.

Call us on 01729 823032 or mobile 07753102773 (phone/text) or email us to provide full details of your event, discuss different performance options and obtain a SPECIFIC QUOTE for Mike to TAILOR his performance to meet YOUR requirements.

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